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Special Message From
Ashish Bagrecha

Hello! I hope you know me already?

Yes? Fantastic.

No? No worries…I will be introducing myself later, for now just take me as an experienced podcaster who has made over I Cr.+ INR in a year with podcasting and cracked deals with Audible and Spotify.

And lately, I thought, why out of many, many podcasters only a few are able to sign exclusive deals with big brands and make podcasting their full-time career?

I came up with this…

There are 2 broad aspects of podcasting:

  1. Frontend (what the listeners see – name, tagline, cover art, episode topics, audio quality, conversations, etc.)

  2. Backend (what the brands see – the number of listeners, listen time, retention, monthly growth, rank charts, etc.)

It’s not like brands don’t care about the frontend part, but they care wayyy more about the backend part.

And interestingly, to have a solid backend, a solid frontend is any which way required!

And every podcaster (even a beginner) makes the best of the best-est frontend.

But most of them are still unable to build a legit career out of podcasting and make a good amount of money through it.

Why? Because there’s one more factor that no one talks about much…


If you have this, your backend will start to build up and grow stronger automatically without you doing anything consciously.

And hence, the equation is NOT:

 (❌) Listener’s Appealing FRONTEND + Solid BACKEND = Money

But, the equation goes like this:

  (✅) Listener’s Appealing FRONTEND + PODCASTING BUSINESS Mindset = Solid BACKEND = Money 

Now…your question could be…


In simple words…the normal business mindset but specific to podcasting.

Because if you have that, you will start to think more about…

WHATTT? We need to think about all this?

Uhh, yes! That’s part of building your “Podcasting Business” in 2023.

Sounds difficult? Actually, it is not…

✅ Building your legit Podcasting Business is the simplest thing you can do in 2023.

Let me share how.

You just need to learn everything I mentioned above, FAST.

And the good part is, you don’t have to put weeks and months of your time into figuring out everything…because I have already done that from 2019 to 2022.

And made a dedicated course just to go into great detail about everything!

Let me walk you through all the things I have covered in my course 👇

What You’ll Get Inside this Course?

(watch this Video For Free)

EP #02 – The beginning

EP #03 – Basics of Video Podcasting

EP #04 – Monetization starts here

EP #05 – Making money without owning anything

EP #06 – Building a business

EP #07 – The stable/traditional opportunities

EP #08 – The Big Money

Done…covered everything!

You just need to watch all of these and you will start to build your Podcasting Business Mindset.

But only watching this course will not help you 🤔

You have to execute everything that I have shared in the course, like finding the products you can sell without owning them, bringing more listeners every month, reaching out to big brands, and alot more.

And irrespective of how simply I explain things in the video, execution will be tough…

But here’s where this course becomes different from the free content on Google and YouTube videos.

Here are the bonuses you will get with the course 👇

Bonus 1: Access to Private Podcasting Community

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BONUS 2: Set of Premium Royalty Free Music

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Bonus 1: Access to Private Podcasting Community

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BONUS 4: Certificate Of Completion

Share your certificate on social media and tag Ashish Bagrecha. Feel Free to share it in the Certifications section of your LinkedIn profile, on printed resumes, CVs, or other documents.

Everything is perfect, but there are a few more questions…

Q1: Is podcasting really a growing industry to focus on?

Here’s a stat I pulled directly from Google 👇

In simple words, this means that there’s loads of money coming into the podcasting industry from 2023 to 2020…

Q2: Who listens to podcasts these days? There’s no audience…

Based on the stats that how fast the podcasting industry will grow, you yourself can conclude the answer of whether or not there’s an audience who listens to podcasts.

Q3: It’s very hard to monetize the podcast as there are very less brand deals available. What to do?

To answer this, I can share my example…

Within a year, I have made more than 1 Cr. INR with my podcasting skills!

**NOTE: Not with my podcast…with my “podcasting skills” which can be monetized in multiple ways!

Why to trust in this course?

Fair question, and before I tell you about it, let me quickly share a bit about myself.

Meet Your Coach, Guide, and Mentor
Ashish Bagrecha

And more than 5000+ people have enrolled in this course and to date, 3000+ podcast has been launched through this one course.

Listen To My Students ❤

It was an amazing experience ❤️ and overall I loved it but i think there should be atleast one live class where we can interact or ask questions or just discuss. And I am looking to make career in podcasting Career. So eagerly waiting for upcoming big course.. please launch it soon....thank you
College Student
Amazing experience with ashish sir...I never thought that i have courage to speak in front of people but after this master class which truly help in my podcast and feedback of podacast really surprising for me....it all give me the courage to stand and speak in front of people...
Madan Mohan
Corporate Employee
What I likes about this course is its lifetime access. The video lessons are Very detailed. Moreover, the Community there is Very helpful. I got some friends whom I can ask for help anytime. The teaching style of Ashish sir is Very nice. He is so calm and sweet and makes it look so easy.
Shibangi Das
If you ask how I feel I really feel good about to know I can speak something about myself in front of anyone. I feel confident and soon back to back I release my podcast

Rahul Sharma
Family Business
I love the way Ashish sir talks it’s so influential. I love the thought that he started it and I was from the first batch or registrations. Worksheets are so detailed and help a lot for quick reference. Thank you 😊

Vanaja Kale
Mom to 2 kids
The course was amazing, everything was nicely explained, the worksheets made things super clear, Ashish introduced us to a new career option, Ashish also gave promotion and marketing tips, all in all the quality of complete course was excellent.
Nitu Ramchandani

Still Want A Guarantee?

Here you go…

Once you get access to the course and start watching, you will soon understand whether the course is good for you or not.

If it is fantastic.

If not, you get your money back!

Simply email to “hello@howtopodcast.in” and my team will initiate the refund ASAP.

Now that everything is clear, the last remaining thing is – summarizing everything 👇

Here’s EVERYTHING You Can Get

If You Join The PODCASTING EXPERTS Course Today…

(without any hidden fees)

Listen To My Students ❤

The course is short interesting and to the point. Worksheet is detailed guidance for the beginners. The course encouraged to bring the best out of myself. Thank you so much for the help sir !!
Ankita kar
School Teacher
Amazing class sir. Now am able to talk about all those things which scares me...Am able to express myself better and of course my confidence boosted than before Thankyou so much for this amazing masterclass. Love from Punjab.
Harmanjeet Singh
College Graduate
The best part of the course was the way every learning episode was designed. Step by step in detail , friendly way to understand, worksheets ,easy way to remember n a perfect guidance to start the pod cast
I am feeling very lucky because this was my dream which came true because of Ashish sir. He supported me a lot.
Priya Chaudhari
College Student
It's a great master class and i am waiting for the next advance master class.....❤️❤️
Prince Chouhan
Startup Founder
Excellent, very helpful class, build our confidence with Ashish sir, without Ashish sir I can't believe I can publish my episode in just 7 days.
Vaishali Ghediya
Startup Founder

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