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5000+ Students Already Enrolled
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5000+ Students Already Enrolled
Pre-recorded Course. Watch Anytime, Anywhere

Lifetime Unlimited Access

14 Days Money Back Guarantee
Launch your podcast on platforms like…


10k+ Students Already Enrolled


Pre-recorded Course. Watch Anytime, Anywhere


Lifetime Unlimited Access


14 Days Money Back Guaranree

10k+ Podcasts Launched

Pre-recorded Course. Watch Anytime, Anywhere

Lifetime Unlimited Access

14 Days Money Back Guarantee
Launch your podcast on platforms like…

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Special Message From
Ashish Bagrecha

I actually don’t want you to join this course…like really!

Until you’re the one looking just for the right ways to open up your inner world and share your thoughts with the world in the rawest format.

Why so?

Because when I started, podcasting was not even a known industry in India. Many people used to say, “Why are you investing your time in podcasting?”

Logically it was true. I was not getting any kind of returns then by investing my time in recording, editing, publishing, and all the tasks.

But the only reason I continued is – It HEALED Me Within.

In 2019, I had to close my IT company because of some problems after which I went into the state of overthinking…

I became more emotional, had frequent mental breakdowns every week, and a ton of thoughts started to pile up every day!

That’s when a random day I started my podcast, simply to share what I feel with zero expectations.

I just kept doing it everyday till today and in the process, I attracted many business opportunities and die-heart follower who writes me after consuming my content anywhere ❤

But launching a podcast takes a lot of work!

Actually no…

✅ Launching your podcast is the simplest thing you can do within 7 days.

Let me share how.

You just need to do 7 things in 7 days – 1 thing every day, and on 7th day…your podcast will be literally streaming live on platforms like Spotify, Audible, JIO Savann, Amazon Music, Google Podcast, etc.

And inside my course, I walk you through each of these things 👇

Let’s understand ‘Why to Podcast’ before ‘How to Podcast’

Podcast MASTERCLASS modules

(watch this Video For Free)

Step 1 – idea and announcement

Step 2 – planning and outlining

Step 3 – Scripting & Narration

Step 4 – recording and editing

Step 5 – packaging and branding

Step 6 – distribution and launch

Step 7 – marketing

(watch this Video For Free)

EP #02 – Understanding Podcast Growth & Audience

EP #03 – Basics of Video Podcasting

EP #04 – Monetization Strategies for Small Podcasts

EP #05 – Monetization through Ads & Brand Partnerships

EP #06 – Monetization Through Podcasting Agency

EP #07 – Monetization through Collaborations

EP #08 – Get your Own Original Show

You just need to watch 1 video everyday and do what I ask you to do at the end of every video…

And I promise your podcast will go live on the 7th day!


But you can also learn from YouTube, why join this course 🤔

Because this course will not teach you just “podcasting” which you can surely learn on YouTube.

Inside this course, you will learn…

Make sense? I hope yes.

Plus, now is the best time to start your podcast!

Why so?

Here’s a stat I pulled directly from Google 👇

In simple words, this means that there’s loads of money coming into the podcasting industry from 2023 to 2020…

And if you can just match up with the trend, your earnings can grow by 27% beating almost all the assets you can invest in today to make get returns.

+ Who knows which business opportunity you attract without even knowing it ever existed like launching your own podcasting agency, making money with affiliate marketing or brand deals, signing up equity contracts, and many more…

And – podcasting is surely gonna be the NEXT BIG TREND

Remember how YouTube videos, Instagram, TikTok, and Reels/Shorts became global trends one after the other?

Because of 5 major factors 👇

  1. Competition on the platform
  2. Organic reach of the platform
  3. Reliability of the platform
  4. Ease to use and access the platform
  5. The major one – Where’s the big people move and speak about the most

🧐 If you see today, from platforms like FB, IG, Linkedin, YouTube, Twitter…

  1. They all are packed with your competitors
  2. The organic reach of all these platforms is super low or zero
  3. Influencers and creators are not talking about these platforms anymore

On the contrary, for podcasting 🤩

  1. The competition is super low now
  2. The organic reach is crazy as the platform itself pushes your content
  3. All the best of the best influencers and creators are starting their podcasts (which is a sign about whats the upcoming trend)

And the one thing I have understood over these years is – if you want to make a huge audience, massive impact, and money…just ride a trend and build a legit brand out of it.

Is it making sense now?

No? Huh, maybe then this course is not for you.

Yes? Fantastic, let’s go ahead.

Since you will be invested with me, I want to make sure that your entire podcasting journey should be smooth. And for that…

Here are the bonuses you will get with the course 👇

Bonus 1: Access to Private Podcasting Community

A community of like-minded people who are on their journey to launch or scale their podcasts and are always ready to help in the best possible way so you can grow faster.

BONUS 2: Set of Premium Royalty Free Music

The music that you can directly use in your podcasts without worrying about any copyright issues or claims in any way so your podcasting journey becomes effortless.

BONUS 2: Set of Premium Royalty Free Music

The music that you can directly use in your podcasts without worrying about any copyright issues or claims in any way so your podcasting journey becomes effortless.

BONUS 3: Complete To-Do Action Plan 7 Steps Podcast Worksheets

To assist you throughout the podcasting course and even beyond so you don’t have to watch the video again and again or jot down a lot of notes while watching them for the first time.

BONUS 4: Certificate Of Completion

Share your certificate on social media and tag Ashish Bagrecha. Feel Free to share it in the Certifications section of your LinkedIn profile, on printed resumes, CVs, or other documents.

BONUS 4: Certificate Of Completion

Share your certificate on social media and tag Ashish Bagrecha. Feel Free to share it in the Certifications section of your LinkedIn profile, on printed resumes, CVs, or other documents.

Everything is perfect, but there’s one last question.

Why to trust in this course?

Fair question, and before I tell you about it, let me quickly share a bit about myself.

Meet Your Coach and Mentor
Ashish Bagrecha

And more than 10000+ people have enrolled in this course and to date, 7000+ podcasts have been launched through this one course.

Listen To My Students ❤

It was an amazing experience ❤️ and overall I loved it but i think there should be atleast one live class where we can interact or ask questions or just discuss. And I am looking to make career in podcasting Career. So eagerly waiting for upcoming big course.. please launch it soon....thank you
College Student
Amazing experience with ashish sir...I never thought that i have courage to speak in front of people but after this master class which truly help in my podcast and feedback of podacast really surprising for me....it all give me the courage to stand and speak in front of people...
Madan Mohan
Corporate Employee
What I likes about this course is its lifetime access. The video lessons are Very detailed. Moreover, the Community there is Very helpful. I got some friends whom I can ask for help anytime. The teaching style of Ashish sir is Very nice. He is so calm and sweet and makes it look so easy.
Shibangi Das
If you ask how I feel I really feel good about to know I can speak something about myself in front of anyone. I feel confident and soon back to back I release my podcast

Rahul Sharma
Family Business
I love the way Ashish sir talks it’s so influential. I love the thought that he started it and I was from the first batch or registrations. Worksheets are so detailed and help a lot for quick reference. Thank you 😊

Vanaja Kale
Mom to 2 kids
The course was amazing, everything was nicely explained, the worksheets made things super clear, Ashish introduced us to a new career option, Ashish also gave promotion and marketing tips, all in all the quality of complete course was excellent.
Nitu Ramchandani
Was able to Launch her Podcast which she procastinated alot a while back
She was able to vent out and share her feelings with the world and feeling more confident.
Launched his Podcast Successfully and got a lot of listens
Yoga teacher started his own podcast and attracting various opportunities for himself
From being Afraid to speak to creating 17b episodes for her podcast
Actor started his own podcast and attracted various opportunities in his career
Launched her podcast successfully in 7 days without investing in fancy equipments and now feeling confident as a podcaster
Content writer starting her own podcast shares her positive feedback about the course
A doctor started her podcast flawlessly and launched her podcast series as well
What Comes Next: Here are the advantages that comes with Podcasting
Build Your Personal Brand
Podcasting gives you a platform to share your knowledge, ideas, and opinions, helping you establish yourself as an expert in your field and boosting your personal brand.
Expand Your Network
Hosting a podcast allows you to connect with influential guests, experts, and fellow podcasters, helping you grow your network and tap into new opportunities.
Monetization Opportunities
Podcasting can be a source of income through sponsorships, advertisements, affiliate marketing, or even premium content subscriptions. Podcasting Platforms have also started giving you revenue for the ads that run on your Podcast.
Enhance Communication Skills
Regularly podcasting improves your speaking, articulation, and interview skills, which are valuable in both personal and professional life.
Content Repurposing
Podcast episodes can be repurposed into blog posts, social media content, videos, and more, maximizing your content’s reach and impact. Repurposed content of your podcasts works well as compared to other forms of content pieces.
Portfolio Addition
Podcasting showcases your ability to conceptualize, plan, and execute a long-term project, which can be a valuable addition to your portfolio. It acts as a credible badge to your resume.
Cultivate a Community
Podcasting can foster a loyal audience that engages with your content, leading to a supportive and active community around your brand. You can monetize your community in any form in the coming future. Community building is essential for growing your business.
Career Opportunities
Podcasting can open doors to speaking engagements, consulting, media appearances, and other career opportunities you might not have considered.
Personal Growth
Overcoming challenges in podcasting, like technical hurdles or public speaking fears, can lead to personal growth and increased self-confidence.
Document Your Journey
Podcasting can serve as a documentation of your personal or professional journey, allowing you to reflect on your progress and experiences.
Vent out
This was my story of starting a Podcast. I just wanted to share my story with thew world. I wanted to let go off the heaviness inside me. This was my reason. It can be yours too if you are going through the same state.

Still Want A Guarantee?

Here you go…

Once you get access to the course and start watching, you will soon understand whether the course is good for you or not.

If it is fantastic.

If not, you get your money back!

Simply email to “hello@howtopodcast.in” and my team will initiate the refund ASAP.


Now when everything is clear, the last remaining thing is – selecting the plan you want to go with 👇


0558305519 copy
0558305519 copy

PODCAST Beginner +

Launch Offer Flat 50% Discount For limited time only
What’s the difference between 2 Plans?

Podcast Beginner Plan

This plan is for anyone who has no clue about Podcasting. This plan will help and guide you to launch your first episode.

Podcast Beginner+ Plan

This plan is no different then Beginners Plan. This plan gives you additional access to a Live Q&A call with Ashish Bagrecha. You get the chance to interact and ask your questions directly to Ashish Bagrecha.
Experts Plan
This plan is for someone who wants to take Podcasting seriously. This is an intense course that teaches you both audio + video podcasting. It includes my personal strategies on how I market my podcasts to get maximum listens. My favorite part of this plan is that it includes 10+ easy and unknown ways to start earning as a Podcaster and make a Full time income.
All of the above plans come with a Money Back guarantee. Which says that if you take any of the above plan, and don’t find it helpful within 14 days, raise a support ticket on hello@howtopodcast.in and you will get a no questions asked Refund!

Frequently Asked Questions

Pre-recorded videos with lifetime access.

You will get an email right after you pay the joining fee. Do check the spam and promotions tab if you don’t find the email in your inbox.

Course is in a mix of Hindi+English language. But we have added Subtitles CC for you in English. With each video, we have added a TO-DO Action Plan in English.

If you don’t receive any emails providing you access within 30 minutes of payment, please write an email to me on “hello@howtopodcast.in” so my team and I can help you out.

You will get access to the private student community once you join the course and you can ask all your questions there.

It’s an easy, simple and practical masterclass. Along with the videos, you also get 7 Days To- Do Action Based Worksheet files. 1 Task for 1 Day. Simple. So you can launch your Podcast in 7 Days

If you are not happy with the quality of the course, simply email hello@howtopodcast.in with your purchase details within 14 days and we will issue a no-questions asked full refund.

Yes. You will get a certificate upon completion of this course.

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