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How to Podcast in 7 Days 

India’s Top Podcaster, Ashish Bagrecha brings you a 7 Day Masterclass Course that will help you launch your very first podcast the right way within the next 7 days, express your feelings and share learnings to the world.

**This is the launch special offer…price increasing soon 🚀

India’s Top Podcaster, Ashish Bagrecha brings you a 7 Day Masterclass Course that will help you launch your very first podcast the right way within the next 7 days, express your feelings and share learnings to the world.

**This is the launch special offer…price increasing soon 🚀

What You’ll Get Inside this Course?

Inside this course, I’ll cover everything required for you to learn to launch your very first podcast the right way so you open up and share your stories with the world without any bit of hesitation!

Here’s an inside look at the course


Day 1 – idea and announcement

Day 2 – planning and outlining

Day 3 – Scripting & Narration

Day 4 – recording and editing

Day 5 – packaging and branding

Day 6 – distribution and launch

Day 7 – marketing

MODULE #05 –

Deciding Your Podcast Idea, Title And Cover Art


MODULE #06 –

Designing And Outlining The Episode


MODULE #07 –

Podcast Treatment, Style, Voice Techniques


MODULE #08 –



MODULE #09 –



MODULE #10 –

Post Production


MODULE #11 –

Launching & Marketing


MODULE #12 –

Final Words


MODULE #13 –

What's Next


And this is not the end! You can also…

Unlock EXCLUSIVE Masterclass Bonuses 

Bonus #1

Access to Private Podcasting Community

Bonus #2

Set of Premium Royalty Free Music

Bonus #3

Complete To-Do Action Plan 7 Days Podcast Worksheets

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As a part of the special private launch, if you take this course and launch your podcast before 10th Jan, 2023:

1. Your Podcast will be marketed to Ashish Bagrecha’s worldwide network.

2. Your Podcast will be featured on “” page LIVE

3. Your Podcast will be featured on @howtopodcastofficial IG page.

4. Ashish will decide One Podcast of the Month based on all submissions and feature it on his IG @ashish.bagrecha

You simply have to share your podcast name and link on a form I’ll be sharing inside the course!

From: Ashish Bagrecha

To: You (who is looking forward to starting your own podcast)

I actually don’t want you to join this course…like really! 

Until you’re the one looking just for the right ways to open up your inner world and share your thoughts with the world in the rawest format.

Here – I’d like to touch on why I started podcasting.

When I started, podcasting was not even a known industry in India. Many people used to say, “why are you investing your time in podcasting?”

Logically it was true. I was not getting any kind of returns then by investing my time in recording, editing, publishing, and all the tasks.

But the only reason I continued is – It HEALED Me Within.

I was able to express myself to the world without any judgments.

My introverted nature never held me back, as I was not speaking in front of the 100s or 1000s.

And that’s the only reason I recommend everyone I meet to START A PODCAST.

In the process, I attracted many business opportunities and Die-hard followers who open their hearts to me after listening to me.

I’ve already shared this story many time on my social media, and many (many, many) people asked me if I can teach them the same.

And to help you with the same, I’ve planned and created…

Ashish Bagrecha

How to Podcast in 7 Days 

A 7 days video course that will take you on a journey to start your own podcast the right way without any huge investment or fancy equipment.

**This is the launch special offer…price increasing soon 🚀

Creator Of Top Podcast Shows

Why Should You Take This Course?

To learn how you can start sharing your stories with the world by creating your original podcast and also to…

Here’s The Afterstory

MODULE #02 –

MODULE #02 –

MODULE #02 –

Of what will happen after you complete this challenge successfully!

By the end of 7 days, if you watch all the videos and follow along doing what I ask you to do, I can guarantee that you’ll…

Sounds good? Yeah ✌

Meet Your Coach, Guide, and Mentor

Ashish Bagrecha

I remember when I was 17 y/o and used to listen to radio, always wondered about how famous these Radio Jockey (a.k.a. RJs) are.

Since I wished to become the same, I walked to the office of a Radio Station and asked them how I can become a RJ.

They invited me for an interview in a college campus. I prepared a ton of stories to share…went on the stage in front of 500+ people and…🥶

My body and mind was frozen.

Unable to speak a single word – obviously got rejected.


Later I started my IT company, grew it to a good level but then…pandemic and lockdown happened.

I was locked at my home with a lot of anxieties, feelings, and depression bubbling inside me because of certain reasons.

Then I came across podcasting – how I can record my voice, post it on multiple platforms, and people around the world can listen to it.

The dream of 17 y/o ashish raised again, and I started to share my stories.

Soon people started loving it and I hit 1lakh+ listeners. Caught in the eyes of few big companies and ended up signing a deal with Audible for a original podcast show – KOSHISH.

Became #1 podcast of 2021, then signed another deal with Spotify for another original show – THE BREAKUP STORY.

And this…on the journey that started with sharing my inner self with the world, I attracted a lot of love and business opportunities. 

By Joining The Program Today…
Here’s The FINAL RECAP of
Everything You’ll Get Today!

**No Hidden Charges**

You Are BACKED UP With My Guarantee!

Yeah…you don’t have to give it a second thought before joining this course. Why?

Because I’m giving a 14-day no-question-asked complete (yes, 100%) money-back guarantee.

And as I said, it is a “no-question-asked” guarantee, so you don’t have to tell me the reason why you want the refund. If you think that the course is not for you, just drop me an email and I’ll start the refund process.

All I want is to help you start your podcast and express yourself in 2023.

Frequently Asked Questions

Pre-recorded videos with lifetime access.

You will get an email right after you pay the joining fee. Do check the spam and promotions tab if you don’t find the email in your inbox.

Course is in a mix of Hindi+English language. But we have added Subtitles CC for you in English. With each video, we have added a TO-DO Action Plan in English.

If you don’t receive any emails providing you access within 30 minutes of payment, please write an email to me on “” so my team and I can help you out.

You will get access to the private student community once you join the course and you can ask all your questions there.

It’s an easy, simple and practical masterclass. Along with the videos, you also get 7 Days To- Do Action Based Worksheet files. 1 Task for 1 Day. Simple. So you can launch your Podcast in 7 Days

If you are not happy with the quality of the course, simply email with your purchase details within 14 days and we will issue a no-questions asked full refund.

Yes. You will get a certificate upon completion of this course.

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