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I remember when I was 17 y/o and used to listen to radio, always wondered about how famous these Radio Jockey (a.k.a. RJs) are.

Since I wished to become the same, I walked to the office of a Radio Station and asked them how I could become an RJ.

They invited me for an interview in a college campus. I prepared a ton of stories to share…went on the stage in front of 500+ people and…🥶 

My body and mind were frozen.

Unable to speak a single word – obviously got rejected.

Later I started my IT company and grew it to a good level but then…pandemic and lockdown happened.

I was locked at my home with a lot of anxieties, feelings, and depression bubbling inside me because of certain reasons.

Then I came across podcasting – how I can record my voice, post it on multiple platforms, and people around the world can listen to it.

The dream of 17 y/o Ashish was raised again, and I started to share my stories.

Soon people started loving it and I hit 1lakh+ listeners. Caught in the eyes of few big companies and ended up signing a deal with Audible for a original podcast show – KOSHISH.

Became #1 podcast of 2021, then signed another deal with Spotify for another original show – THE BREAKUP STORY.

But now, the transition phase was not so easy…

When I started, podcasting was not even a known industry in India. Many people used to say, “why are you investing your time in podcasting?”

Logically it was true. I was not getting any kind of returns then by investing my time in recording, editing, publishing, and all the tasks.

But the only reason I continued is – It HEALED Me Within.

I was able to express myself to the world without any judgments.

My introverted nature never held me back, as I was not speaking in front of the 100s or 1000s.

And that’s the only reason I recommend everyone I meet to START A PODCAST.

In the process, since many people asked me if I can teach them the same, I planned to launch the HOW TO PODCAST website and the course in 2023.

The aim of this course is to share everything I learned by creating my #1 podcasts, Koshish and The Breakup Story, PLUS – help 10,000+ people to launch their podcasts in 2023.

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